Walking Farther Today Than I Have in Five Years.

Thankfully, Dr. McCord didn't look at my scans and give up.


My husband had a failed spinal surgery five years ago. Constant chronic back and feet pain. So painful he had had a trial done to have spinal cord stimulator placed to help his pain. This was the final step offered to help his situation. In March, we had an initial consult with Dr. McCord, who gave us great hope in his approach to correcting his back. After seeing three other spinal specialists, his technique was the only approach that made sense to us. He is the only doctor that we could find that would do this technique, and we were more than willing to drive six hours and to a different state just to receive his care. He had surgery in April and has almost immediate positive results. My husband's five-year feet pain was gone, and his back pain was very diminished. We were walking around the hospital unit postop like it was a marathon. My husband was so happy to have most of his pain relieved. Now six weeks postop, he still has normal swelling and some sporadic nerve and back pain but is doing tremendously better. We finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are grateful to Dr. McCord and his staff for the excellent care we received. It has been a life changer.

Five years ago, I had a two-level fusion, one week later my little girl was born. Unlike the birth of my son, I couldn't remember the birth or the few months that followed due to the strong pain meds and huge back brace and inability to move without extreme pain despite the above. A year later, after numerous injections and spinal stimulator trial (recommended by a few doctors as my best pain management solution), I was hopeless for recovery. That was then. It has been a month since this surgery by Dr. McCord. Although much more invasive than my first fusion (it had never healed), I never had to wear a brace and I was on little pain medicine. I walked more (I mean this really) the few days in the hospital than I did in three months past my first surgery. I had a pain in my left side "Martha" that was a constant onset of pain that never changed. After this fusion, first time in five years, it's completely gone. I still am having some pains, but I am extremely grateful because they are moving, (which means they'll probably go away). I can walk farther today than I have in five years. (I used to run – and I know I'll be able to). It's too soon to tell what it will end up like, but I am 100% confident I made the right decision with Dr. McCord. Pain can really take your life away. Thankfully, Dr. McCord didn't look at my scans and give up. I will be excited to see where three months ends up. Extremely grateful.

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