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When He Walked to the Mailbox I Knew It Was the Right Decision

Other doctors turned us down because of previous failed surgeries.


When we found Dr. McCord, we were desperate for someone who could help not only the pain in David's back but get him to a place that he could walk more than a few feet. He had back surgery two years before that had been disappointing in its results. The point came that he could not get around anymore, and the surgeon put us on a wait list for an appointment (consultation) that was a year away. In desperation we made an appointment with a local neurologist. When we get there, he would not see David because he had back surgery by another doctor within the last 10 years. I was sitting in that doctor's parking lot (crying), and I called a coworker whose husband had been treated by Dr. McCord. She gave me the number. I sat right there and called. We got an appointment, and here we are today. The surgery can be overwhelming, and after the first one, we were both wondering

what we had gotten ourselves into, but there was no going back! It is a complicated procedure, and stressful on both the patient and the caregiver. But – the first time that he went to the mailbox to get his own newspaper, I knew that we had made the right decision. It is literally baby steps, but they are steps. As for Dr. McCord's staff and the staff of Baptist Hospital, they have all done their utmost to help and support us through this procedure. Now we can look forward to a future full of "busyness" because we know that David can make it.

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