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Wife Says My Irritability and Frustration Improved.

To Whom It May Concern, I am grateful for meeting Dr. McCord. I was in a lot of pain before my surgery, went to a chiropractor for many months until his treatments no longer benefited my condition, and he recommended seeing a spinal specialist. I am very glad for the surgery because I have been able to return to my job, which is very hard labor. I do a lot of carpentry work, heavy lifting, bending, pulling, climbing, crawling, etc. I feel 95% better and expect this to still improve with time as it has only been 10 months since my surgery. 02/03/2014

Movement and mobility are good. Because my job is a lot of hard labor, I suffer with a lot of muscle strain and discomfort in my lower back. I am not limited in any of my activities. I take at least two Aleve a day and would like to get to a point where this is not necessary.

My husband Peter works very hard and has a great deal of lower back pain. This affects his mood, and he is more irritable lately. 08/08/2014

For several months before Dr. McCord removed my hardware I was in a lot of really bad pain during my workday and at night. It made it difficult to rest and get a good night's sleep. This resulted in taking much more medication for pain (Aleve) than I felt was safe. My movement was restricted because of the pain. When Dr. McCord removed the hardware from my spine, I felt immediate relief from the pain I had had before removal. Even though I still had surgical pain it was such a relief to not have the pain and movement restrictions due to the hardware. I still am having discomfort from surgical pain and the healing process, but my flexibility has greatly improved. My wife says my irritability and frustration has greatly improved. 07/24/2015

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