Working 60 Hours a Week on My Farm

I was hurt in 1968 when a bale of hay fell onto my head while I was standing. Pain medication was no help. I could not sleep well, either.


I was hurt in 1968 when a bale of hay fell onto my head while I was standing. I fell unconscious for a while; but then I recovered and went back to work placing hay into the loft. About three days later, my leg went out from under me. Even though I had no pain in my back at that time, I went to a chiropractor to get relief for my leg. I continued to go intermittently to a chiropractor until recently, only with minimal success. and no long-lasting relief. The pain in my back began a long time ago, but grew worse in 2008 after I dug a 75-foot x 2 foot deep trench in a few hours. I continued to go to the chiropractor. I went to pain management. Daily, I rolled backwards on an exercise ball and a Styrofoam cylinder. While those things helped me to keep going, the pain continued to grow worse. In August 2013, I knew I needed some drastic help. I couldn't sit or stand for very long, or even lie down. The pain was intense and there was no let up. In November 2013, I had a laminectomy. I had hoped that by removing arthritic bone spurs pressing on my spinal cord I would get the pain-free life I was longing for. I knew at four weeks, though, that the surgery was not the answer. Instead, the pain which had been radiating from the outside of my leg to my foot, moved to the inside of my leg and still to my foot. I was beside myself by the end of each day. Though I stood straight in the mornings, by afternoon, I was walking bent over at the hips and twisted toward the right trying to accommodate the ever-present pain in my back and right leg. Pain medication was no help. I could not sleep well, either. My pastor mentioned that he was going to a very good chiropractor and suggested I see him. One more time, I gave it a try. After three weeks of twice-weekly visits with him, he suggested I contact Dr. David McCord, a spine specialist. I was able _to get an appointment with Dr. McCord. Bringing my MRls and X-rays with me (from my previous surgery in November), Dr. McCord suggested a more extensive surgery. First, I had to be released by my cardiac specialist and primary care provider. In April 2014, I was scheduled for surgery. I had an anterior and posterior spinal lumbar fusion. It has been successful from the beginning with the pain gone after the first procedure!!! Although I had to heal from the surgeries, the underlying, pain was gone for the first time in over 45 years! Even though I am 67, my strength has returned, and I am back working up to 60 hours a week on a farm doing maintenance and field work. I am more careful with how I use my back, and no longer jump down from truck beds and tractor steps, but I am not limited in what I can do. I have been doing what I need to do for my job. And I am back on my Gold Wing which I had been unable to ride for almost a year. I am so pleased that I was referred to Dr. McCord. I instantly formed a congenial relationship with him as he is so pleasant. He explained the processes to me, showed me on my own X rays where the problems were that I was dealing with. He informed me how he would proceed and asked me to think about it for a few days before I made up my mind. He took all the time I needed to explain my condition, what it entailed, and what could be done to relieve me. I have already recommended Dr. McCord to several people I know who need the relief! received through his skillful hands. Thank you, Dr. McCord, and your staff for the great care l received through your office.


It begins with okay one day to not able to walk next morning. 02/22/2019 it got better. By the time of the operation 04/31/2019 and 05/01/2019 it took a long time to start feeling better but now I feel quite good, not 100% but good.

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