Working, Biking, No Migraines

I can touch my toes without pain. I can bend over without pain. Dr. McCord you are an excellent doctor. Thank you for everything! 08/17/2017

Have more range of motion. Migraines have decreased. Great job. My neuropathy is still there in hands and feet, maybe slightly better. Returned to work on January 31st. Now full time working. Taking care of my elderly parents too. Father has Alzheimer's. 03/05/2019

I can bend, twist, move, get up out of the floor by myself. I can ride a bike, lift weights, plank, get on a treadmill going slow, I workout every morning two hours and every evening after work two hours to help the atrophy in my legs. My lower back hurts the longer I sit or drive. I put a TENS unit on it or a heating pad to try and get relief. 03/10/2020

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