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Yoga & Line Dancing, Glad I Had This Surgery

I am doing very well after surgery. I can hardly believe it's been 3 months. I am back in yoga doing modified poses. I am back in line dancing and am able to keep up with everyone. I usually teach the line dancing, but I have a lady taking over for me. I will begin to teach again after Christmas. I am still on pain medication (two 10/325 Oxycontin) per day. Sometimes I take 3. I need one before I exercise and one at bedtime. My left foot tends to turn out on the edge, but it is getting better. I limped and still do when it's time for a pain pill, or I am tired, but the limp is better. Overall, I am pleased with the surgery (3 of them in one week) but will be glad when I am totally healed! 12/10/2016

I have had a good experience with Dr. McCord, if having 3 surgeries in one week can be good! I am still healing. I was back in yoga classes in a little over 3 months and started teaching line dancing again in 4 months. The muscles in my back still hurt sometimes, but it is getting better. The nurses and staff have been very good to me. Dr. McCord is the best. Tell people about increasing gabapentin dosage – or getting a prescription for it. 06/06/2017

So glad I had this surgery. I feel great, and I know the Lord brought me to Dr. McCord. HE knew that I had things to do for HIM and that the surgery would allow me to serve my FATHER joyfully. Thank you, Dr. McCord. 08/14/2018

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