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12 Hours after surgery outcomes

3-9 Months after surgery recovery

New Patients Needing Cervical or Lumbar Treatment

1) The majority of patients have lower back complaints however, a substantial number have neck problems. Dr. McCord sees all spine patients.


2) Half of the new patients Dr. McCord meets the first time have had previous neck surgery.


3) Dr. McCord has a special focus on patients with previous back surgery who have pain and limitations. Somewhat over half such patients have undergone back surgery in the past and seek out his expertise.

Many physicians see such patients but only as a last resort.  Dr. McCord loves the "hopeless" cases as many can have their lives turned around.


4) Within 12 hours after Dr. McCord's method, 98% of patients self-reported that their sciatic/buttock (nerve) pain was better or "gone."


5) Within 12 hours after Dr. McCord's method, 97% of patients self-reported that their pre-surgery back pain was better or "gone."


6) Within 12 hours after Dr. McCord's method, 96% of patients self-reported that their leg (radicular-nerve) pain was better or "gone."


7) 99% of patients after recovering from surgery were either off or equivalent to their pre-surgery narcotic usage.

At a time when some 25-30% of patients are worse off from back surgery ("failed back surgery"), this data is encouraging.


8) Within 12 hours after Dr. McCord's method, 98% of patients felt that overall their pain complaints were effectively better or resolved.


9) For all patients with lower back problems that underwent Dr. McCord's method of treatment, 80% had a substantial reduction or got off their narcotics. 19% were essentially equivalent, often with improved function and many of these utilized pain medications for other problems even though their back problems were well treated.


10) Within 12 hours after Dr. McCord's method, 99% of patients walked the full hall.


11)  73% of patients after neck surgery with Dr. McCord had a decrease or often off all narcotic medications.  27% were equivalent.  In this survey, no patients required an increase.


Dr. McCord is proud of his practice data which was accumulated in 2018-2020.  Although he continues to strive for improved quality,

 the data is specific only to that time period.